Crown & Throne Ltd. - Ageless Summoning - Demo MMXVIII CS

Article number: CT025
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Out of the United Kingdom’s deepest and darkest abyss comes a newish death metal “supergroup”, which, based on their latest demo release, is nothing but promising and should stir the underground death metal scene awake. Ageless Summoning shares its members with Of Spire & Throne, Haar, Úir, Scordatura, Laceration and many more and the band is split over Edinburgh, Glasgow and Bristol, which probably makes the running of this band logistically a challenging undertaking. Taking their name from Morbid Angel’s Gateway to Annihilation release, at least that’s what I assume, you get a good starting point for the type of death metal you’ll soon be blasting from your speakers (hopefully). With only two tracks, ‘Usurper of the Void’ and ‘Salvation in Ash’, there’s unfortunately only roughly 12 minutes of music, but enough to mark their stamp on the scene.
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