Black Truffle - Ambarchi, Oren/Jaeger, Kassel/Rushford, James - Face Time LP

Article number: BT 038LP
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Face Time is the second release from the trio of Oren Ambarchi, Kassel Jaeger, and James Rushford, following on from their 2016 debut Pale Calling. The record immediately returns to the idiosyncratic sound-world of the trio's first release, a simmering stew of electronic smears, pitched-down animal moans, and mysteriously emotive microtonal organ chords. But before long the record takes an unexpected turn, as sounds that initially enter as occasional percussive pitter-patter build to a halting rhythm. Bringing together three of contemporary experimental music's most individual voices, Face Time is an essential slice of outsider electro-acoustics, equally reminiscent of Basic Channel-style dub techno and the sound of a microphone loose in a pocket. Comes on neon orange vinyl.
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