Shadow Kingdom Records - Angel Of Mercy - The Avatar 2xLP

Article number: SKR140DLP
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At long last, SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS is extremely proud to present the ultimate reissue of one of the cultest '80s metal records: ANGEL OF MERCY's lone album, The Avatar. Prized by many collectors as one of American metal's Holy Grails, the rarest of the rare, The Avatar is now being released in a 2xLP version which includes the original album in its entirety and then a second disc compiling unreleased recordings. The Avatar was self-released on vinyl as a private pressing, and was utilized more as a sales pitch to potential record labels than anything else. But alas, a label deal never came, and ANGEL OF MERCY faded into obscurity. However, what they left behind with the lone monument of The Avatar is astounding to behold, still, some 30 years after its ill-fated release. A true document of true epic metal without aiming to be epic metal in the first place, The Avatar is a mesmerizing blend of magick and high drama, of mysticism and glory, sorrow and triumph, and all unselfconsciously so. Essential.
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