Arno, The - Blush On Stone CS

Article number: CR016
Quantity: 1
Like the evidence of some forgotten mystery cult painted in the fossil record, Blush on Stone is an ambiguous, elemental, possibly profound, hysterical little artifact. As with Ways of Perfection, this collection frequently, wildly modulates in tone and form. Vocals howl and shriek feedback in one moment, nearly New Age whistles swarm cherub-like in the next. Yet this release is, paradoxically, a more regimented listen than its predecessor; a united spirit coalesces these songs. The electronics are more brutally atavistic, the lyrics more obsessive and repetitive. This is a crystalline design, monolithic and mantric, moving to measured contractions like all great mysteries: the radical revolution, the sweet little flower, the cancerous bowel... Say it! Comes with hand screened / risographed inserts and poster. Edition of 30.
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