Ascetic House - Glochids - Ni Fila LP

Article number: AHglochids
Glochids new full length album, ‘Ni Fila’, is an impressive addition to the canon of acousmatic ecology. Sound collage treated as an ecosystem. Non-hierarchical, interdependent layers from varied sources. Diversity strengthens; confusion instructs. There is nothing obtuse about the sonic language in which Glochids speaks, yet his unique, studied intellect draws upon the academic framework of his concrete music predecessors: it takes the most inaccessible output of their process-driven experimentation, and translates it into a viral, organic dialectic form, just as that which resonates in our very DNA. Ni Fila contains electronics & field recordings, acoustic & midi percussion. Gamelan bonang share space with Guatemalan street scenes. Various tracks built from material used extensively in Glochids live performances over the past three years. Electronics (synthetic & concrète), percussion (hard & soft)
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