Urashima - Atrax Morgue - Red Box 5xCD Box

Article number: USHI 007CD
Quantity: 1
Urashima present a red wooden box with five CDs that include reissues of eleven terrific titles of Italian death industrial pioneer Atrax Morgue from his legendary label Slaughter Productions: In Search Of Death (1993), Exterminate (1995), Esthetik Of A Corpse, Catch My Agony (1995), Collection In Formaldeide (1994), Mechanic Asphyxia (1997), Death-Orgasm Connector (2003), Sweetly (1996), Woundfucker (1998), HomicidalI (1997), and An Expression Of Psychic Masochism (1995). Each single CD comes inside cardboard wallet with credits and new artwork; Edition of 300 (numbered). Essential.
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