Geometrik - Bagueste, Justo & Saiz, Suso - Inducing The Pleasure Dreams V2 LP

Article number: GR 2147LP
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In 1995 Justo Bagüeste released a record called I.P.D.; it claimed to induce in the listener a pleasant dream, heading for the final sprint towards that collective promise beyond the end of the millennium. In 2016, Bagüeste and Suso Saiz (producer of I.P.D.) performed at Periferias Festival in Huesca; they were to play a reinterpretation of the recording they had made twenty years before. However, Bagüeste and Saiz didn't appear nostalgic nor revisionist: just a certain atmosphere and a few samples linked the concert to the 1995 recording. Firmly stuck in that moment, they offered a session of sonic haze based on dialog and improvisation -- the 40 minutes of music presented here stem from that haze that evoke similar emotions to those of Popol Vuh or Tangerine Dream. This re-reading of I.P.D. is like an agile pirouette against the inertia of time; it reminds one how intimately electronic music has been related to spirituality since the beginning, and how that bond seems to have diluted in the 21st century, in the factual setting of so many utopian fantasies from the past.
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