Beat Generation - Commando 9MM - Amor Frenopatico LP

Article number: BEAT 039
Beat Generation reissues for the first time on LP this fantastic piece of Spanish punk vinyl by Commando 9MM, together with an extra track, "Odio en Sudamérica" (from their first 7"). Commando 9MM had their first 7" released after winning a contest in Madrid and in 1986 they decided it was time for the LP. At first, RCA/Ariola wanted them to release a single, but after listening to the songs, they cancelled everything. The band contacted Rocky from the label La General, a sub-label of Fonomusic, and after some discussions they entered the studio to record Amot Frenopático. This legendary LP was recorded in the mighty Duplimatic Estudios with the line-up of Manolo Uvi (bass and vocals), El Pollo (guitars), and Jesús Bracero (drums), a drummer who entered the band after two originals drummers left. The recording was fantastic, as the band had spent many, many rehearsal hours together before entering the studio. It sounds so solid, strong, rude -- everything you want in a punk band. The LP sounds somewhat similar to The Ramones, Angelic Upstairs, Cockney Rejects, the whole '77 movement, and UK Subs. Artwork and inside art is a replica from the original material together with liner notes written by El Pollo and Manolo Uvi themselves. On 180 gram vinyl.
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