Beat Generation - Piel De Pueblo - Rock De Las Heridas LP

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Alberto Ramón García, better known as Pajarito Zaguri, is one of the key protagonists in the history of Argentinian rock -- first with Los Beatniks, Los Náufragos and later in La Barra De Chocolate. Piel De Pueblo was a short-lived project which only released one album, Rock De Las Heridas, in 1972 on the Disc Jockey label. Apart from Pajarito, the band featured big names from Buenos Aires rock such as Nacho Smilari, who, after his stint in La Barra De Chocolate, had been rocking out in Vox Dei, and Carlos Calabró, an outstanding drummer who would later play with Smilari in Cuero. And let's not forget that Piel De Pueblo's bass player, Willy Pedemonte, would end up playing with Miguel Cantilo y Grupo Sur after the band's dissolution. Piel De Pueblo's members defined the evolution of Argentinian rock, both in their previous and later projects, and Pajarito would also have a long and intense career that continues to this day. Rock De Las Heridas is a raw, hard rock record, with some progressive tinges such as violin and keyboard arrangements, but most of all, it's a piece of work that screams rage and desperation, just as the album title points out (trans. "Rock From The Wounds"). It's a record that foresees in its lyrics the darkest period Argentina would live through after the military coup and ensuing dictatorship, ironically named "Process Of National Reorganization." A devastating blow for a generation under the influence of Peronism, who shouted freedom using electric instruments. Limited to 500 copies only.
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