Berceuse Heroique - Manuel Gonzales - Full Frontal 12"

Article number: BH 011
Quantity: 3
Berceuse Heroique sign off an impressive second year with the long overdue Full Frontal 12"" from Detroit's Manuel Gonzales, one of the 3 records from the London label to arrive brandishing full sleeve art. ""Full Frontal"" finds Gonzales aligning with a hi tempo techno thrust that's more redolent of his Detroit forebearers than any contemporary, working his way swiftly through five minutes of sci fi style bleep laden sonics that feel like they are increasing in speed with every passing second. It's all delivered with an underlying sense of paranoia and unease that has you fully gripped. Complementing this, ""Blowout"" finds Gonzales collaborating with Ramon Ramirez for a celebratory experiment in minimalist rhythms and maximalist synths which is reminiscent of the Detroit artist's work as Savant.
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