Bitter Lake Recordings - Dendo Marionette - 傀儡電伝 LP

Article number: BLR-001
Despite existing for only a short period in the early 1980’s, the sole output of legendary Japanese synth/new wave band Dendö Marionette (a 7” flexi released in 1981), remains one of the most fascinating and sought after releases of its kind. This exciting, industrial-tinged synth pop/new wave sound left a formidable mark on the Osaka underground music scene - as it should have. Mastered from the original reels, 傀儡電伝 compiles both of the aforementioned flexi and an unreleased 7” recorded in 1982 immediately before the untimely demise of the band. Gone was the cyberpunk aggression of the flexi and in its place an icier synth soundscape that pushed the band further toward greatness. Please, join us and embrace the sounds of Neo-Osaka. As biased as I am, I can give this nothing short of the the highest recommendation possible. -Adam
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