Blank Forms - Vol. 2: Music From The World Tomorrow Book

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Music from the World Tomorrow, the second issue of Blank Forms' journal, brings together a combination of never-before published, lost, and newly translated materials. Featuring Marshall Allen and the Sun Ra Arkestra on the cover, this issue also includes John Corbett's writing on the enigmatic annotations found on Sun Ra's reel-to-reel tape archives. Other artists featured include visionary avant-garde jazz vocalist Patty Waters, poet Matana Roberts, Maryanne Amacher, Tony Conrad, Catherine Christer Hennix, Annea Lockwood, Klaus Lang, Krautrock group Anima, legendary Japanese folk singer Kan Mikami, composer Tashi Wada, and Japanese sound art pioneer Akio Suzuki. Edited by Lawrence Kumpf and Joe Bucciero. 333 pages; 6x8 inches; Edition of 750.
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