Nuclear War Now! Productions - Blasphemy - Victory (Son Of The Damned) 2xLP

Article number: ANTI-GOTH 395
Quantity: 5
Blasphemy’s mythical “Victory (Son Of The Damned)” rehearsal session took place in the basement of then-bassist Bestial Saviour of the Undead Legions, and was captured by placing the MiniDisc recorder on the top of a washing machine in the room. Given the circumstances, one might erroneously assume the resulting audio quality to be inferior. On the contrary, the audio turned out to be compellingly good and thus worthy of its own release. Another feature of this recording that makes it covetable is the between-song banter among the band and guests alike, including members of Black Witchery, who attended the rehearsal. Though debate continues to this day as to which – between “Fallen Angel of Doom….” and the “Blood Upon the Altar” demo – represents the most essential Blasphemy recording, “Victory (Son of the Damned)” promises to hold its own place atop the mantle of bestial black metal history as a snapshot in time of the world’s most notorious black metal band.
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