Blintch, N’Draman - Cosmic Sounds LP

Article number: HTML 001LP
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Hot Mule & Secousse presents a reissue of N'Draman Blintch's Cosmic Sounds, originally issued in 1980. Tired of reading the words 'classic', 'masterpiece', 'missing link', 'cult', in every press release? Just trust Hot Mule & Secousse on this one; there is no choice but to use those words and urge you to (re)discover one of the ultimate Afro-disco lost classics. Cosmic Sounds is many things: psychedelic, politically engaged, funky to death, full of synths, with artwork to die for, a perfect crossover of African and western culture: music for the body and soul, cosmic disco before the genre even existed. With original copies of this consistently selling for over $1000, the world is finally ready to hear Cosmic Sounds in all its glory. Essential.
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