Borusiade - Their Specters 12”

Article number: UTON 013EP
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On her Unterton debut, Their Specters, Borusiade offers four different takes on atmospheric, industrial electronics and chopped rhythms. "Forewarned Is Forearmed" sets the tone as a massive drum march, stomping forward between rolling snares, clanging metal percussion, and guttural drones, while evolution-themed "Common Ancestor" is a tribal head-nodder, with booming sustained kicks offset by overdriven snare brushes and fluttering synths. On "Doublethink" wailing synths and stuttering rhythms vie for dominance in a storm of off-kilter techno, while the mammoth, slow melodic closer "Atlas" moves to the pace of waves crashing and hypnotic, detuned, interwoven melodies.
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