Brown Sugar - Long Strange Drip LP

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I’m just going to go ahead and say it: Brown Sugar is one of the most important and best bands to emerge from the contemporary hardcore punk scene. Hailing from Buffalo, NY, the band was woefully underappreciated for years until their phenomenal Sings Of Birds And Racism LP was released and people started to slowly realize something magical was happening. Not only was the band unmatched in their slightly off-kilter, yet incredibly energetic take on hardcore, vocalist Eddie tackled issues of race in a time when rarely anyone in the scene was willing to touch the subjects explored here, primarily pre-identity politic-era punk audiences. Long Strange Drip compiles all tracks from the band’s singles and compilation appearances, an unreleased seventh single, unreleased tracks, songs from the 'Songs About Birds' demo, and more! Essentially, everything other than their now-modern classic full-length. I cannot recommend this one enough! Essential. -Adam
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