Brutally Deceased/Interment - Glory Days Festering Years Split LP

Article number: DOOM107
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With a name taken from one early Grave classic and a debut album back in 2010 whose conclusion was a faithful yet ripping cover of Dismember’s “Override Of The Overture”, Prague’s BRUTALLY DECEASED (featuring members of JIG-AI and HEAVING EARTH) never even bothered to hide what they’ve been all about from day one. And these three new tracks, their first since the recording of ‘Dead Lover’s Guide,’ are no different: recorded back in April at Studio Davos in their hometown, “Deceased,” “Waking The Lifeless” and “Bloodstreams” have the same buzzsaw guitar sound, roughness and urge to hark back to the days when Entombed and death-metal the Swedish way ruled the world! While Brutally Deceased are left emulating the sound of yore, INTERMENT don’t even need to bother on the other hand, simply because they were there to witness it firsthand as they formed as back as 1988 in Avesta, Sweden. And ever since they got back together in 2002 after a long hiatus, those seasoned veterans from CENTINEX, DEMONICAL or DELLAMORTE (among many others) have proven that unlike others, they haven’t deviated from their initial course. Proof being those three new tracks (including a reworking of an old song from their first demo, “Cranial Putrefaction,” the first ones since the recording three years of the Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy album. Another sonic assault once again supervised by PETER BJARGO from CRYPT OF KERBEROS.
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