Bunker Records - Schmerzlabor - Juggernaut Pt 2 12"

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Oh yes, calling all freaks and warehouse dwellers! Another Bunker 12" is here and it's by none other than Guy Tavares, the imprint's eccentric boss and The Hague's most enigmatic party figure. Running his label out of his bunker, literally and physically, Tavares returns for the second edition of his Juggernaut series under the Schmerzlabor moniker. Untitled track names as per usual and a whole load of fury, so no surprises there. However, if you're haven't heard his stuff or the output on Bunker as a whole, and you're into distorted basslines, gnarly beats and general apocalyptic sounds then look no further. This is the real s*** and you're not going to get anything else as pure and direct from the source. Another massive and utterly essential techno monster from one of Europe's elite labels. Solid.
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