Desolate Records - Butcher - Return To Nothingness LP

Article number: DSR 010
Quantity: 4
Latest LP from this cross country project based all over the United States. The world of punk has changed a lot over the last 15 years, for better or worse. While this record would have made quite a splash coming out 15 years ago, it will likely be overlooked by many punk youth in 2019 (that is NOT to hark on their tastes or say that what is happening in the world of DIY punk and hardcore isn’t sick). SO with that preface I will say this record is proper ripping and definitely shreds. Comparing them to Death Side, or what many consider “Burning Spirits” would be an acceptable reference but it sounds less aping of that genre and more American. Some metallic shredding and soaring leads give the listener a sense of purpose and emotion in the songs while Jack Control’s trademark vocal delivery offers a grim, and at and times thematic feeling. Put that over razor sharp drumming and you end up with a really great record. Maybe not of the contemporary punk milieu but hey, are you into trends or are you just trying to rage?
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