Ideal Recordings - Byrne, Nadine - Dreaming Remembering LP

Article number: IDEAL 171LP
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Ectoplasm Girls' Nadine Byrne lures listeners into woozy mental states on Dreaming Remembering, her soundtrack to a short film of the same name. One of three Stockholm-based Byrne sisters along with Tanya, her partner in Ectoplasm Girls, and Ambra, who has recently provided EG's live visuals, Nadine Byrne operates at the intersection of intuitive sonic and visual arts. Where Ectoplasm Girls tend to a bewitched sort of industrial experimentation, Nadine's personal work is defined in terms of its relative, mutable electronic sleight of hand, with vocals handled by the mysterious Sarah Kim. As the title connotes, Dreaming Remembering is about intimate reflection and the space between awareness and uncertainty of recollection. Singular sound and vision somewhere between Laurie Anderson, James Ferraro, and Ryan Trecartin. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton. Edition of 500.
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