Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds - Nocturama 2xLP

Article number: BMG15043V
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Twelfth studio album from Nick Cave, and the realisation of one of his most accessable voice to date. Much has been said of Cave's problematic transition into middle age and his gradual creeping into stretches of sound that sometimes veer dangerously close to adult orientated rock. 'Nocturama' does, indeed, see Nick and the Seeds shedding much of their pre-millenial angst and sonic idealism in favour of a more sheltered study of love, family life and the comforts of stability. But while songs like 'She Passed By My Window' lack that spark of danger, the closing 'I'm on Fire' just devastates with over 15 minutes of pure, articulated, stunningly delivered vitriol and astute social commentary that is nothing short of stunning. Patchy, but well worth the effort at the end.
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