Sacred Bones - Cortex - Spinal Injuries LP + 7”

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Informed by deep and enthusiastic underground music knowledge, Cortex were key in the ongoing musical narrative of Swedish punk and post-punk. The late frontman of Cortex, Freddie Wadling (1951-2016) is a legend of enormous stature in Sweden: he is revered on the level of, say, Captain Beefheartor Serge Gainsbourg, and has been a key influence for generations of Swedish artists over the past four decades. Recorded in April 1981, released in August 1983, Spinal Injuries by Cortex stands as one of a handful of masterpieces of Scandinavian post-punk. Truly essential. Every copy includes the "Sleepwalking b/w Jesus I Betong" 7" and a zine including archival photos and flyers and new liner notes by Johan Kugelberg.
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