Cultures Of Soul Records - V/A - Tokyo Nights: Female J-Pop Boogie Funk: 1981 to 1988 2xLP

Article number: COS 021LP
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This compilation presents 12 of the most memorable and sought-after songs of the Japanese City Pop-era recorded by female artists. The music is a reflection of the unbridled optimism, technological achievement, excess and exuberance of Bubble-era Japan. More than catchy melodies and funky baselines, these are reflections of a time when Japan was the center, and future of the world. Scores of young Japanese men and women moved to cities in search of affluence, transforming them into neon wonderlands. A soundtrack to this new, lavish lifestyle was necessary and the latest sound, City Pop (urban pop music for those with urban lifestyles), epitomized these attitudes. While influenced by American R&B and boogie, elements of fusion, YMO style Technopop, and adult-oriented rock (AOR) are front and center. Sung primarily in Japanese (with a word or two of English sprinkled in), City Pop is Japanese music for Japanese people. Each selection celebrates the unique traits and meticulous production that define the sound. Turn on the hi-fi and slip into these Tokyo Nights.
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