Dark Entries - Trisomie 21 - Le Repos Des Enfants Heureux LP

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TRISOMIE 21 is a post punk band formed in 1981 by PHILLIPE LOMPREZ (vocals, drums) and HERVE LOMPREZ (guitar, electronics), two brothers from Abscon, in the North of France. In early 1982 they set out to record their first album joined by JEAN MICHEL MATUSZAK (keyboards) and PASCAL TISON (bass). Soon after that they sent out a demo tape and the Amiens-based record company Stechak offered them a deal. The mini-LP Le Repos des Enfants Heureux was released in January 1983. It was received well by both the public and the media, especially outside of France. Originally featuring 5 compositions, we’ve added 4 demos never before released on vinyl. All compositions, lyrics and music were made collectively from shared experiences bonding over travels, literature and cinema.
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