Wharf Cat - Decisions - The Weight of the World Leaves A Broken Back 7”

Article number: WCR 055
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Decisions formed in February of 2016 in New York City because Jacob, Ellen, Jonathan, and Liana all being in one band “seemed to make sense,” a hardcore punk group drawing from an inspired cross-section of outsider influences. Lingering elements of their members’ other projects seep in through the cracks: artful experimental restraint, blown-out noise, the occasional straightforward rock riff. Recorded at JMZ House in October of 2017 by Dave Rata (Ratas Del Vaticano, Tercer Mundo, Pobreza Mental, etc.), it’s a raw punk record that plays out almost like one complete sentence—a skeptical and nuanced thought about breaking down the walls and norms of a boring fucking world, and the gatekeepers and institutions reinforcing a busted status quo. With unrelenting rage and disjointed grooves, The Weight of the World Leaves a Broken Back is the sound of a new New York punk underground, of chaos bending towards something more interesting.
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