Tresor - Dee, Manni - The Reisude 2xLP

Article number: TRESOR 304LP
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Tresor present the release of Manni Dee's first album, The Residue. Based in London, Manni Dee is held in high esteem by many for his spotless production and relentless DJ sets. The gleaming rendition of Manni's creative vision stuns. He knows sounds inside-out, making his studio a favorite stop for many to receive Manni's expertise. The production of The Residue was inspired by the city of London and its general living conditions. More particularly, how social cleansing, inequality, and the political situation generally -- and on a holistic scale -- informs internal and external locus of control. The Residue is disconsolate, and with such heart-wrenching tracks as "In Communal Solitude", "Vicarious Living", or "Submit. Breathe." or the mutinous "At Mercy Of The Muse" and "Paroxysm", Manni Dee clearly cuts out his insurgent statement.
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