DJ Richard - Dies Irae Xerox 2xLP

Article number: DIAL 040LP
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DJ Richard returns to Dial with his much-anticipated sophomore LP, Dies Iræ Xerox. Undoubtedly one of the most distinctive and fully-formed electronic producers in recent memory, DJ Richard imprinted the sound of a bubbling US underground with his label, White Material, founded in 2012 alongside Young Male. In part adapting its title from the Latin hymn "Dies irae", otherwise known as "Day of Wrath", Dies Iræ Xerox melds the physical and psychological aspects of DJ Richard's production ethos in sharper, more widescreen vision than before; the oceanic swells of ambience yet more powerful, and the rigid basslines sharper still. Drawing little distinction between his more physically rousing material and searching soundscapes, Dies Iræ Xerox instead finds a passage of catharsis throughout both. "Dissolving World", the album's breathtaking centerpiece, is a choral feature hypnotically overwhelmed by walls of electronic feedback, forging a dramatic link between old ways and new.
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