Drexciya - Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller IV 2xLP

Article number: C#CC025LP
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Concluding instalment of this crucial series features five - count 'em! - previously unreleased Drexciya productions salvaged from Davey Jones' locker. It's another indispensable guide to one of electronic music's greatest enigmas, scoping breathless industrial electro classic 'Hydro Cubes' and the squirming funk of Living On The Edge' alongside some of his earliest, deepest dives, 'Depressurization' (1992) or 'Water Walker' (1994) and the electro-techno stinger 'Mantaray', plus the emotional highlights of 'Black Sea' and 'Sighting In The Abyss'. But you probably know those already and wanna know about the unreleased bits, right? There's some real aces, running the gamut from breathy beatless ambience, to heart-rending instrumental electro-pop, Drexciya-style, and the darkest, albeit all-too-brief electro banger. If you're new and curious to the sonic fictions of Drexciya, this is winner. If you're an committed aquanaut you're probably already clicking the button.
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