Far Out Recordings - Pascoal, Hermeto - Viajando Com O Som: The Lost '76 Vice-Versa Studio Session LP

Article number: FARO 200LP
Quantity: 2
Hermeto Pascoal is a true maestro and a cultural icon. He represents the highest level of musical evolution; as a multi-instrumentalist, a composer, and an arranger. Once described by Miles Davis as "the most impressive musician in the world", there is good reason (beyond his Gandalf-like appearance) why he is known as "O Bruxo" ("the Wizard"). For Far Out Recordings' 200th release, the label present a previously unreleased album by Hermeto Pascoal, the lost '76 Vice Versa Studio Sessions. Almost everything recorded on the first take ended up staying in the final mix. Supposedly, the master tape was lost, but Lelo kept his copy in his studio's archives, where it stayed for over forty years. With the tape rescued and restored, this release fills a void in time. Recorded at an especially experimental period in Hermeto's career, it's a compelling insight into the incredible efforts of this group, who created a unique musical language which would have a profound influence on countless artists to come.
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