Feel It! Records - Landlords, The - Fitzgerald’s Paris LP

Article number: FEEL IT 06
After releasing the highly regarded “Hey! It's A Teenage House Party!” LP in 1984, VA’s Landlords returned to the legendary Inner Ear Studios over the next few years to record their second album, Fitzgerald's Paris. Restored from the original master tapes and released after almost 30 years, the album offers seventeen tracks of pure rock and roll mayhem. Fusing musical influences as varied as Black Flag, Chuck Berry, and Motörhead, side A’s avalanche of epigrammatic money-tunes showcases Landlords at their peak. Side B’s plunge into the jungle of noise builds on the intense dissonance of Scratch Acid, Live Skull, and Landlords’ own infamous spinoff duo, Happy Flowers, all the while remaining rooted in hardcore punk. Excellent archvial release.
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