F.O.A.D. - Mutilator - Evil Conspiracy: Demos and Rehearsals 1986 LP + CD

Article number: F.O.A.D. 103
This LP collects all existing recordings featuring Silvio SDN on vocals (except the "Warfare Noise 1" comp. trax that have been already reissued by other labels): the "Blood Storm / Grave Desecration" demo 1986, an insanely fast and raw rehearsal 1986 that the band had recorded as bonus on the cassette that they exclusively sent to Jon Metalion for being reviewed on Slayer Mag and a bonus CD with 3 different live sets from that period ("Festival Da Morte" / "Carioca Club" / "Slaughter Fest") for a total of 32 bloody tracks mastered from the best sounding sources in existence (forget the bootlegs that have circulated in the last years).
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