Gregor, Mac - Abidjan 12”

Article number: HC 055EP
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A rare and highly-desirable (sells for upwards of $300!) Afro digital soul EP, recorded in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) in 1981. Originally from Martinique, Clemmarise Voltine, aka Mac Gregor, moved to Abidjan in 1979 searching for, what she called, her "negritude quest". She sang about her love for her adoptive city until her death in April 2004. A visionary composer, poet, and singer, mixing Creole, French, and Nouchi, she made a brilliant musical bridge between the West Indies and Ivory Coast backed by a soulful group of top Ivorian musicians, such as the great Houon Pierre. Fully Licensed in Abidjan. Remastered at Carvery Studio. 45RPM.
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