PAN - Helm - Chemical Flowers LP

Article number: PAN 099LP
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Luke Younger returns to PAN with an eight-track album of his most direct work to date. Composed alone at NO studio in the Essex countryside, to start an album with a piece called "Capital Crisis (New City Loop)" seems an intentional misnomer. Long, sustained periods in the rural studio setting see Younger working with an array of fragmented, disassociated sound sources to build upon 2015's Olympic Mess. It shares a similarly inclined vision of the urban environment, but here Chemical Flowers makes reference to paradoxical notions of authenticity and creative practice by way of questioning the structures around us. The album navigates dense passages with recurring signifiers. Hollow percussion, modulating delay, and curious field recordings come and go, maintaining a perpetual state of flux where nothing stays the same for long. Floating synthesis slowly washes over and the title track unfolds -- five minutes of reverb-laced portamento, visions of decay, and Editions EG influenced world-building. Highly recommended.
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