Hoodoo Fushimi ‎– Kusaya LP

Article number: GFR 002
Quantity: 1
Good Find Records with another special release for all you heads out there. Specializing in unearthing cutty gems from the ‘80s and ‘90s, this label has dug deep to bring you this psycho experimental hip-hop record from 1992 previously unreleased on vinyl. While sounding very much Japanese and very much from the early ‘90s, it also fuses elements of experimental and funk music in a truly cosmopolitan and distinct way. Apparently the lyrical content is equally as rich as the multi-layered music, offering a poignant critique on the social order in Japan, which has brought this record to cult status. Sounds like a big chunk of the pressing of 250 was sold right away to distributors so don’t sleep on this!
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