Bitter Lake Recordings - Juma - Selected Works 2xLP

Article number: BLR-006
Quantity: 5
Selected Works is a 2xLP compilation highlighting the definitive material of the cassette releases of Juma, a project led by hyper-prolific Hiroshima artist K. Yoshimatsu that existed from 1981-1982, who released six cassettes on the legendary cult industrial/experimental label DD. Records. Citing Mike Oldfield and Yes as his main influences, Yoshimatsu's material with Juma perfectly encapsulates the audacious experimentation of both the cassette format and his newfound love of the synthesizer. He produced music at a furious pace ranging from jarring industrial to minimal synth to sax-heavy rock 'n' roll rave-ups to tubular ambient soundscapes to playful new wave...and much more. Selected Works marks the first appearance of K. Yoshimatsu's recorded output on the vinyl format. This collection is limited to 250 copies. Highly recommended, of course.
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