Subliminal Sounds - Kano - Runes LP

Article number: SUBL 126LP
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Subliminal Sounds present the first ever vinyl release Kano's Runes, originally released in 1986. A unique, dark and sparse, tribal, minimal synth, drone, trance, new age recording from the mysterious Kano. Previously only issued as an obscure cassette back in 1986 which is now much sought after. Runes is much darker and brooding compared to its new age peers of the era. Drums, metallophone, synths, and more leads you on a deep inwards trip via damp, cold and foggy caves to the ancients. Born in 1946 in San Antonio, Texas, Don Campbell spent his high school years in Europe, studying classical music with the legendary Nadia Boulanger and Jean Casadesus at the Fountainebleu Conservatory in France. Campbell's interest in sound, healing, and education have taken him to over forty countries through the years. He has researched and documented the role and uses of music in therapeutic settings, psychology, and imagery applications, educational programs and the contemporary and indigenous spiritual traditions.
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