Habibi Funk - Keila, Kamal - Muslims And Christians 2xLP

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Here’s yet another winner from Habibi Funk. This time, we have this winner from Kamal Kelia, who has been affectionately named the James Brown and Fela Kuti of the Sudan. Musically you can hear the influence of neighboring Ethiopia much more than on other Sudanese recordings of the time, as well as references to Fela and American funk and soul. His lyrics, at least when he sings in English which indicates more freedom from censorship, are very political. A brave statement in the political climate of Sudan of the last decades, preaching for the unity of Sudan, peace between Muslims and Christians, and singing the blues about the fate of war orphans called “Shmasha.“ Sonically, one might assume these recordings must be from the mid 1970s, but you may be surprised to find the sessions were actually made in 1992. Both sessions stand as a hearable testament how Kamal Keila stuck to a sound aesthetic from decades ago, while incorporating current events into his lyrics. Highly recommended!
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