Hardcore Survives - Last Survivors, The - Don’t Care About Raw Fuckin’Life 7”

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limited to 500 copies only The Raw Punk Survivor! Michiaki Bristle the singer's good friend Mr.Kawakami (Disclose) made the words "D-beat raw punk", but they've approached just another "raw punk" style. like the original of Skizphrenia and Raw Distractions etc...They're inspiring to so many young punks like UK'82 - early 80's Scandinavian raw punk style! This title is 4th single from Pogo77 (sold out in one day) and then they put it on "1/2" 12"ep with siren intro as a special version for only one show, so this one is "1/2" 12"ep on 7"ep. They re-started and played a couple of gigs a few years ago, no more active and heard now! For fans of BRISTLES, ABSURD, KOHU-63, THE INSANE, APPENDIX, LAMA, DESTRUCKTIONS, COURT MARTIAL, ICONOCLAST etc...
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