Lille Roger - Undead 1984-1987 6xLP

Article number: CMI-01
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After years in the making, this monumental collection of Roger Karmanik’s early industrial works also marks the return of his legendary Cold Meat Industry label. Lille Roger was founded in 1984 and became a unique entry in Sweden at the time. Few had the guts to approach things with such morbid ardor. Over a period of three years, Roger claimed his place at the throne as the juvenile delinquent king of Swedish industrial music. Working with very limited equipment he produced material that still today stands out as timeless masterworks. The final recordings were released as the epitaphic “Undead” 7” (CMI-01), marking the beginning of Brighter Death Now as well as Cold Meat Industry. “Undead 1984-87” is a solid 6 LP set consisting of rare material carefully selected. Some previously released only on very rare and limited cassette editions, other unreleased and never heard before. Ranging from low-fi tape experiments and traditional post-mortem / power electronics to minimal industrial angst pop. Dangerous music for dangerous people – the kind that laugh through your funeral service and masturbate afterwards. Limited to 500 copies only. Essential!
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