Load Records - Sword Heaven - Gone LP

Article number: LOAD 129
Columbus, OH two-piece horror sound unit, Sword Heaven clock in with a sweaty waterboarded masterpice of clausterphobic proportions. Fun house mirrors and stretched out faces yell from behind flaming curtains while a neanderthal cave bat clubs your dome over and over and over. These are the sounds – the kids are not all right and that is all right. With just drums and looped vocals and samples, the train slowly leaves the station. The filthy sounds produced are both a joyous middle finger to the sky and noisy dirge. Through the thick fog of long songs, the rock is chipped away and a new Stonehenge is formed, so that you are free to take all of your clothes off and sacrafice all the animals in the valley. This release was recorded at Columbus Discount Studios and is in fact the first “studio” recording by the band. The drums sing, the vokills speak and the fear is so thick in the air it will fill your nacho. Believe this – so say we all.
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