Neck Chop Records - Lysol - Teenage Trance 7”

Article number: CHOP-028
Quantity: 1
Lysol’s “‘Teenage Trance’ b/w ‘Chemical Reaction’” is yet another two-track, grease-sodden helping of rock ‘n’ roll slop servedatop a seven-inch vinyl record, effortlessly incorporating elements of the group’s preceding efforts in Seattle’s Freak Vibes,with frantic slews of garage-like grooves propelled by a hardcore ferocity. Drumbeats restrained as the songs cautiously degenerate into psychedelic, noodle-prone moments of mid-paced obscurity, Lysol regularly dislodges themselves into a violent, bombastic concoction of causticized riffs and throat- rending roars, burdened by paranoia yet driven by sheer funk. The only thing that sucks about this record is that it’s only twotracks. But then again, that just might be all the human heart can take before itfuckin’ ruptures on itself.
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