Mad At The World - Sand In The Face ‎– Music Made To Riot: New Jersey Hardcore 1982 - 1983 LP

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Compilation of early material by this underrated early 80s hardcore band from New Jersey. I've long been a fan of their self-titled LP... it's one of those records (along with stuff like TMA) that you could find pretty easily for like five bucks or whatever and was pretty solid early 80s hardcore, though it seems like the Discogs era has changed that somewhat. Anyway, that LP is a little more polished, full and melodic, moving toward a proto-melodic punk sound of bands like Naked Raygun or the later stuff by the Freeze; this reissue, however, captures an earlier version of the band that was a lot more hardcore. It's still on the catchier, snottier end of the early 80s USHC sound--think stuff like Adrenalin OD or maybe Sick Pleasure or something like that--but it's also pretty ripping and straightforward.
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