Maggot Heart - Dusk To Dusk LP

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First pressing of "Dusk to Dusk", the debut full length of Maggot Heart, the brainchild of Swedish guitarist/singer Linnéa Olsson (former member of Beastmilk/Grave Pleasures, Sonic Ritual and The Oath). Olsson’s last 12”, City Girls, was so adoered it blew through three vinyl pressings and this LP builds on promise of that EP with this monolithic full-length. Their sound is hard to place, as there’s the band’s clear metal and hard rock background, but also their love of gloomy death rock and post-punk atmosphere. The album is dark. The album is mean. The album can’t decide whether to lash out at the world with tooth and nail or crawl under its bed to write gloomy poetry until it dies of ennui. Right now, this kind of indecision is one of my favorite things.
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