Mbulu, Letta - In the Music…The Village Never Ends LP

Article number: BEWITH 006LP
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Be With Records present a reissue Letta Mbulu's In The Music... The Village Never Ends, originally released in South Africa in 1983. A holy-grail African record. Featuring the enormous "Nomalizo", it's a record that aficionados around the world have been waiting many years for. Be With Records' reissue has been lovingly mastered for vinyl by Simon Francis (Claremont 56 mastering engineer), pressed on audiophile 180 gram vinyl for the first time, and features the original artwork. In The Music... The Village Never Ends is one of those holy grail African records that barely needs any introduction. Now, Be With Records proudly presents the hugely anticipated vinyl reissue of this bona fide classic. South African singer Letta Mbulu possesses one of the most beautiful voices the world has ever known. Her immaculate voice emits a sweetness that radiates from deep within, brimming with a joy of life and inspiring a spirit of hope and happiness. On this album, her voice soars over a strident musical force that veers between disco, soul, and pop music of the most incredible kind. The gleaming guitars recall disco's finest hours while the thump of the beats anticipate '80s British soul.
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