Dais Records - McDowall, Drew - The Third Helix LP

Article number: DAIS122
Quantity: 8
After testing out a mutant dancehall sound with Hiro Kone on ‘The Ghost Of Georges Bataille’, former Coil member Drew McDowell picks up where he left us with ‘Unnatural Channel’ [2017], plumbing deep into the guts of his modular array to extract the most effluent and ungodly electronic prangs and machine gremlin voices. A product of ritual, conceptual immersion, ‘The Third Helix’ projects 8 eight hallucinatory visions conceived for ritual immersion on the listener’s behalf, unravelling relatively simple units of sound into 3D webs of entrancing complexity along unfathomable spatial coordinates. Depending your tolerance for vivid nightmares and psychotropic substances, the effect of ‘The Third Helix’ will vary from user to user, but in ideal conditions - dark room, inebriated, at night - it’s likely to induce the rarest sensations and push the most intent ears to the brink. Highly recommended.
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