Meanbean Records - Bruce Moody - Still Fresh! 7”

Article number: MB007
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Last year, Meanbean brought you a deluxe reissue of arguably the best US powerpop EP ever pressed to vinyl: Bruce Moody’s Fresh Out EP. After playing it a few times. though, astute listeners must have been left wondering just what the deal was with the ten second song snippet which punctuated the radio skit serving as an intro to the leadoff track “AM Romance.” Did Bruce record more than just the four songs contained on his debut EP? If so, did he still have the tapes sitting in a box somewhere thirty-plus years after they were recorded? And even if these tapes could be found, would they live up to the standard set by Fresh Out? It turns out the answer to all three of these questions is a resounding yes! Another essential reissue from Meanbean!
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