Iron Bonehead Productions - Melan Selas - Reon 12”

Article number: IBP379
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IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present a compilation LP from one of the strongest Greek newcomers. MELAN SELAS are a black metal duo hailing from Greece. The band march triumphantly forward with a mid-tempo, bass-driven sound that largely recalls the classic Hellenic black metal canon, but with a Lilith-like magick all their own. Stoic and steely, simmering with a touch of madness spilling over into mysticism. Additionally, a further flare for the classic Greek black metal sound is both defined and reinvigorated; you could easily say Reon came out 25 years ago as you could today. But let it be known that MELAN SELAS are no mere nostalgia act: their black metal is a deeply personal and potent sort, done with equal amounts reverence and abandon.
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