Dom America - Milk Music - Mystic 100’s LP

Article number: DOM US LP 24
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Olympia’s Milk Music initially rose to prominence during the confused and failing era of major indie labels attempting to exploit the underground for new inspiration. Still, the band never fell comfortably into the role required of them and quitely faded out of the spotlight after releasing their masterful 2014 album, Cruise Your Illusion. Suddenly and without warning, the band has reemerged with their second album, Mystic 100’s. Alternately both looser and more coherent than Cruise, Mystic 100’s is a masterful and, dare I say, spiritual rock ’n’ roll journey that stands as a new American prayer for this generation of the American Underground. Mastered expertly and packaged beautifully in a deluxe tip-on gatefold sleeve with mini-poster, Mystic 100’s is the real deal. Essential. -Adam
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