Mower - S/T LP (Japanese Edition)

Article number: SPLAT-018
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From the Pittsburgh, PA wasteland comes 3 serious speed freaks spewing rock n' roll with real d-beat disgust. Take a break from usual trendy hardcore bands and other punk rock cosplay aestheticians and shine a light on a legacy. Motorcycles, speed, leather, fire and fury. If you align yourself with MOTORHEAD, MIDNIGHT, INEPSY, G.A.T.E.S, CHAPEL, and other mainstays of the flame; look no further. Drowned in American beer and hung over on a Harley doing 100mph into oblivion. MÖWER is built for speed and here's the chance to support! This Japanese edition includes two bonus live tracks recorded for a radio show. Midnight-colored vinyl with pro-printed jacket and Obi-strip.
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