Muslimgauze - Azzazin 2xLP

Article number: ARCHIVE 043LP
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Azzazin is a double standout Muslimgauze album. The first disc included was originally issued in 1996 as a CD and the second disc was originally issued as a 10" of remixes. This 2xLP also includes two unreleased tracks. Tightly focused on a singular palette of monotone drones and swarming electronic buzzes, which arguably sound like a parallel to early Editions Mego. They're probably the most minimalist Muslimgauze tracks you've heard, and even still he manages to express a fine range of abstracted emotions, from aggressive buzz to tender ambient pieces and spectral concrete prisms. Azzazzin has a much more electronic feeling than most of Bryn Jones's other albums, eschewing the traditional elements used elsewhere for a rough, quietly aggressive, and disturbing feel. Surprisingly this album contains no trace of percussion whatsoever and, instead, presents a dry and claustrophobic masterpiece of minimal electronics. Essential.
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